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Thursday, 9 December 2010

Recently, a video which is supposed to be the ending scene of the next chapter of STARCRAFT II was released to the internet.
There is no proof that the leaked video is real, and Blizzard said that they will not comment on any rumors or speculations.
You be the judge: LINK TO THE VIDEO 

Now, there is a man on the internet who has been diagnosed with "Glaucoma" (It damages optic nerve, and after a year or two you loose sight completely. More info HERE).
He now does everything he loves where his eyesight is required. One of the things he always wanted is to design his own champion in League of Legends.
To do that, he supposibly needs a massive amount of referral links to be noticed by the LoL developers.
You will find more information about this in THIS video.
You will find the referral link under the description of the video on YouTube, or HERE.
For the referral to count, you need to level your champion up to 5th or 10th level.
Quoting from the video, "He didn't want anybody signing up out of pity for him. Only sign up if you're legitimately interested in the game.".

The new look of Lara Croft has been uncovered.
This is the new face of Lara Croft, in the game TOMB RAIDER: ORIGINS:

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