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Thursday, 9 December 2010

Recently, a video which is supposed to be the ending scene of the next chapter of STARCRAFT II was released to the internet.
There is no proof that the leaked video is real, and Blizzard said that they will not comment on any rumors or speculations.
You be the judge: LINK TO THE VIDEO 

Now, there is a man on the internet who has been diagnosed with "Glaucoma" (It damages optic nerve, and after a year or two you loose sight completely. More info HERE).
He now does everything he loves where his eyesight is required. One of the things he always wanted is to design his own champion in League of Legends.
To do that, he supposibly needs a massive amount of referral links to be noticed by the LoL developers.
You will find more information about this in THIS video.
You will find the referral link under the description of the video on YouTube, or HERE.
For the referral to count, you need to level your champion up to 5th or 10th level.
Quoting from the video, "He didn't want anybody signing up out of pity for him. Only sign up if you're legitimately interested in the game.".

The new look of Lara Croft has been uncovered.
This is the new face of Lara Croft, in the game TOMB RAIDER: ORIGINS:

Tuesday, 7 December 2010


So as I was browsing the internet, I stumbled upon a game called "Warsoup"
Now, the game is still in development and in Alpha stage so don't expect it to come out any time soon, but the very concept of the game sounds amazing. Well, at least in my opinion.

The idea is, to mix the macro* part from StarCraft games, and micro** from the Halo games.
Basically, a first person shooter where you build expansions, mine for resources and upgrade your expansions/equipment to be more efficient.
Without much talking, you can see the video revealing the game below

*Macro = Macro stands for macromanagement. It is the part where you control spending of your resources (upgrading units, building bases, turrets etc.)
**Micro = Micro stands for micromanagement. It is the part where you control your soldiers (or in this case, just one soldier).

Saturday, 4 December 2010

First news

This is the first post on this blog, so there's a lot to write about!
An update with 4 new maps for BF:BC2, a release date for BF:BC2 Vietnam, a new mutation mode for L4D2, and a Blizzard leak!

On 3rd December 2010, we got 4 new maps for free.
"Oasis" and "Harvest Day" are edited versions of maps from the original BATTLEFIELD: BAD COMPANY, while "Heavy Metal" (now the biggest map in BC2) and "Cold War" are brand-new maps.

BATTLEFIELD: BAD COMPANY 2 VIETNAM now has an official release date: 21st of December 2010.
On the same day, "The Battle of Hastings" event will start taking place for the game, and as a reward for completing it, players will get the popular map "Operation Hastings" from the original BATTLEFIELD: VIETNAM.
To unlock it, the community has to get 69 million collective team actions (repair, heal, revive, resupply, spot).

A new mutation mode, "Hard Eight" has been released.
In this mode, you get to play as (or face) 8 special infected at once, with increased special infected spawning frequency.
I personally feel sorry for whoever gets to play survivors.

There has been a leak of Blizzard's Product Sale plans.
The most interesting things there, are "Starcraft 2: Phoenix", more expansions for WORLD OF WARCRAFT, and a new title, "Titan".
Here's the original image:

And here's a link to more details about this leak: http://www.diablo-source.com/article/news/view/?id=770
Now don't get all excited, because there is no proof whatsoever, that this is real. You need to take everything with a grain of salt.

Games, games, games!

So the blog is up!
While the posts may not be too interesting, they should keep you updated on pc game news and I'll try to keep them as short and straight to the point as possible for the sake of not boring anyone to death.

So this is all - I hope you enjoy reading through the blog.
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